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My name is Katie and I am a versatile, driven, and insatiably curious developer with a proclivity toward UI Development and Frontend Engineering. My background in arts and writing has prepared me with a keen eye, attention to detail, and innovative problem-solving skills. I love collaborating, communicating, and writing code that is clean, efficient, and accessible.

Currently, I work as a Software Developer in Test at Ware2Go out of Atlanta, GA. I write end-to-end UI and API tests in JavaScript, and what I love most about my job are the daily opportunities to create or augment solutions to ensure that our test code is as stable, efficient, clean, and DRY as possible. I look forward to bringing everything I've learned in testing into a developer role.

When I'm not writing code, it's very likely that I'm writing essays or poetry, painting, reading (usually 18 books at once), or spending time outside. I'm also a registered yoga teacher and love to travel.

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